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Three Exhibitions

1 August 2020 - 29 August 2020

99 Loop is pleased to present solo exhibitions by Manyaku Mashilo, Marolize Southwood, and the duo Fonseca & Mokgata. Our Curator's Focus will feature Rory Emmett and we will host our second online-only exhibition with works by German artist, Manuela Karin Knaut.
Manyaku Mashilo
Dedicated to the act of cherishing lineage, Manyaku Mashilo creates otherworldly re-imaginings with precise linework. In her drawings, Mashilo develops her ongoing exploration of her own form of cartographic portraits. Her iconic portraits capture the self, representing a black, queer community cloaked, clothed and bathed in celestial cartographies. The enmeshed figures perform a multiplication of mappings piecing together dimensions of time, place and space, offering the land and the body as the source of a complex question of spiritual identity.
Growing up in a strict religious community, Mashilo points to religion which cut off accessibility to other forms of spiritual practice. The portraits serve as a record of the many conversations and intimate retellings of religious and spiritual memories, sounds and practices which connect contemporary urban individuals to their ancestors.
(Excerpt of text written by Tammy Langtry)
Cycles, patience and time machines
Marolize Southwood
Marolize Southwood’s latest body of work is a continuation of her interest in the constructed reality we humans create for ourselves. Rather than focusing on the absurdity within society's reality as a whole, the artist has turned her focus inwards during this time of intense global isolation. The resulting body of work is a reflective series that tries to understand the ways in which our own personal realities and identities are constructed through our interpretation of the world around us. Realities where we experience loss, regret, love, happiness, loneliness, and every other human emotion in-between. Realities that are for the most part our own personal fictional stories, those that are more rooted in interpretation than in 'fact'.
Fonseca & Mokgata
Fonseca & Mokgata is the collaborative artistic practice of Carla Fonseca and Nthato Mokgata, based on experimentation with various mediums to describe societal trauma and the elusive fantasy of freedom. Their exhibition consists of two recent bodies of work: 'Again She Reigns' and 'Error404: Inyani Ayikho'. 
'Again She Reigns' is a series of painted portraits that explore the battle for the right to write (or rewrite) history/herstory. As much as the portraits question positions of power in representation, they are also tender celebrations of legendary women in African history, whose various stories continue to inspire and give insight to the present moment as well as long gone eras which existed within very different cultural, gender and racial frameworks. 'Error404: Inyani Ayikho' is a meditation on the limits of new technology in redressing lost and obscured heritage. The series of paintings is a personal critique on the over-reliance on European sources for historical evidence/material/ research on Africa (as a continent/concept/collection of cultures), and the inherent paradoxes, inherited biases and complex quagmires that come from over-reliance on such sources.
Longing for the south
Manuela Knaut
Maneula Karin Knaut’s painterly work reflects the enthusiasm of the artist for travel, the discovery of new terrain and the inevitable leaving of her own comfort zone. It is the brokenness, the charmingly imperfect, the frequently temporary-seeming that fascinates Knaut, and which she imbues into her pictorial language and the primary idea of her location-specific and large format installations.
The artist expresses this restlessness, this almost childish, unprepossessing curiosity and adventurousness in her works. Her paintings are balancing acts of colour, form and line, surface and space, abstraction and figurativeness, image and text. Individual areas of colour are put down with strong paint marks and then worked over and over. In this entanglement, there is space for thoughts to wander and places to be found in the colourful world of Manuela Karin Knaut. 

Participating: Manyaku Mashilo | Marolize Southwood | Fonseca & Mokgata

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Participating: Ed Young

Opening: Thursday 27 August 2020 - 26 September 2020

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