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7 November 2020 - 27 November 2020

99 Loop is pleased to present a new solo exhibition by Anastasia Pather. Entitled Thief, the exhibition will be Pather's fourth solo presentation at the gallery. Also on display in November will be a brand new Curator's Focus showcase. This exhibition will feature the work of Emma C. Aspeling and Karlien van Rooyen in conversation with one another.  
In her latest body of work, Pather traces connections between movements and moments of the familial past and her own recent experience of the isolation and virtual journeying of lockdown.
"I am an artist, finger painter and female concerned with the surface and the perceived. My painting process is intuitive. It relies on what my fingers remember and what the paint and surface reveal. I am fascinated by the idea of muscle memory: procedural memories the body stores as a subconscious response. I often wonder if the body holds generational muscle memory and what power or strain this extends to children of migration, those inheritors connected to the sea by diasporic voyages often imposed by colonisers with ships or in pursuit of false promises.
During the lockdown, confined to my apartment, I longed for the sea. I am fourth generation Desi, and sometimes I imagine the hundreds of young Indian women travelling across the ocean, watching the waves and swells endlessly hit the hull of the boat. How many earrings were accidentally lost in travel or spitefully thrown overboard, perhaps with its owner? Sometimes I daydream about golden heirlooms glistening on the ocean floor. In this period of isolation, all I did was daydream (or is it all I do?). My great grandmother was thirteen when she was coerced into leaving India, already promised to her husband: she met him on the boat. Over the waves, she was promised a better life, promised wealth, promised a chance. The ocean offered her promises but held back truths, and with every wave passed, my heritage became an unreachable mirage. Years and years later my sister left for America when she was nineteen, also promised better, this time over cyber waves. She got married this July.
Trapped on the other side of the ocean, I watched from home. My life seems always to be happening across an unswimmable ocean, over salt-water-waves and cyber-wave-connections. A life lived through video calls is like treading across the sea with a pool noodle, each moment a mirage of pixels.
It is likely you will view this artwork on a screen as a mirage. Being a brown woman, I’m used to the mirages, to oysters without pearls, to missing earrings, but at some point, is the ocean ever going to pay me back?" - Anastasia Pather

Participating: Anastasia Pather


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