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Pondok. Paleis

23 June 2024

Participating: Jenny Reyneke

Pondok. Paleis is a collection of landscapes and observations of the flora and trees of the artist’s home spaces of the Kalahari Northern Cape in mixed media oils and acrylics on canvas, wood and paper.
"In the ‘Pondok. Paleis’ collection, I am exploring the 'essence of place’. I want to understand the connection between our own presence within a landscape, what draws us in, makes us feel as if we belong?
What is ‘home’? Wherein do we find our castle? Is home a structure or is it the space, spiritual and metaphysical in which we dwell?
The process has been exploration and surrendering to the emotions of yearning for a physical ‘home’ and for us, building that home from scratch and search and using what we have on hand… and what I have discovered is that ‘home’ for me is not a physical thing, home is choosing to be present, home is the effort we invest in our everyday comings and goings, a sense of gratitude for what we have, right here, right now and being content in that gratitude and in the observance of wonders often overlooked. That sense of being home, secure, safe and connected created through our love and relationships formed with those people who matter to us in the space in which we are in, wherever that place is. Therein lies our treasure.
That we choose to rise to the challenges that life places before us, that we overcome and that we simply and quietly remain reverent and appreciative of all we have without yearning for what we don’t have. ‘Home’ is in the spirit and grace resides there."
“You are a beautiful place and the essence of home walks with you. Is in you… and you create that spirit of home and safety.”
How you live it, is completely your own choosing. Pondok? Paleis?


Address: Plot 6, Koedoeberg Rd, Faerie Glen, Pretoria
Cell: 083 235 3899
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00.


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Participating: Various artists

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