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Opening: 24 July 2021 - 30 September 2021

The exhibition’s title 'MASHŪRAH' translated from Arabic means "consultation" or "to seek advice". It serves as a means through which people consult on topics of public importance. This pre-Islamic custom has evolved and exists in many cultures and civilizations in various forms. 'MASHŪRAH' draws on this process of communal decision-making, reciprocal consultation and learning, to explore Muslim epistemologies, visual culture, narratives, and histories in the context of South Africa.
MASHŪRAH ARTS is founded by Sara Bint Moneer Khan, a curator and researcher from London. As part of her current PhD study on visual literacy and art advocacy in Cape Town’s Muslim community, Khan observed a lack of Muslim voices in the South African art ecosystem. This initiative aims to create a space for collaboration, development, dialogue and dissemination of artistic practices with a special focus on Muslims and Islam in Africa.

Participating: Various artists


Address: 47-49 Geartmore Street, Woodstock.
Tel: 021 447 9699


I have made a place

Participating: Various artists

Opening: Monday 26 July 2021 - 27 September 2021

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