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Lost and Refound

12 May 2022

Potchefstroom Exhibition, as part of the Piccolo Arts Festival
The exhibition has no particular theme; however, it has been "nicknamed" Lost and Refound – the
artists refer to an array of ideas that address personal, cultural, milieu, and social experiences from
their pasts. Loss becomes an important instrument for change and growth.
Loss is something we are all familiar with. From an early age, and as a form of emotional survival, we
are expected to adjust to many different forms of forfeiture – some more than others, and some in
very unique ways. Whatever the perspective, experiencing loss of some kind is a way of life and no
one escape the effects thereof. Expressions around these experiences become more and more
honed the older we become. Often, these expressions become reflective tools and sometimes take
on the form of artworks.
These reflective tools hold potential for rediscovery, a collection of experiences and memories
surround them. These memories can be nostalgic or even melancholic representations of how things
were or could have been. In the interest of preserving these memories in the best way possible relics
are made and altars or monuments are built. To replace that which is lost with something designed
for remembering is a regular occurrence. With time narratives are reconstructed around objects that
are associated with events from the past in the hope that better futures can be created. However,
that which is refound is not void of the emotions that are connected to the past.

Participating: Sandro Trapani and Pieter Jooste


Address: 2 Kock Street, Potchefstroom
Cell: 073 170 9176

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