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26 November 2021

The lockbots series was born in lockdown. I had peace and quiet and time to tinker.
As we were unable to see friends, I decided to make some, hence they all have names and birthdays.
Some are named after people I know because they remind of that person and some just seem to be a typical so and so.
They are representative of humanity in all our shapes and sizes with oddballs galore among us.
The lockbots are made from found objects, offcuts and whatever is lying around.
I thoroughly enjoy the process of making them as it forces my brain work in different ways. First is the creative part of finding the elements and forming the look of each one. Next is the technical process of working out how to put them together and lastly the physical process of making and finishing them.
I also love doing custom orders. People send me pictures of their friends and tell me about their personality and I make a robot of that person. Sometimes people will bring me objects to incorporate which may be a broken thing that has sentimental value.

Participating: Lisa Martin


Address: 198 Premier Avenue, Waterkloof, Pretoria
Cell: 079 707 0508

Please call Samuel Isaacs at 082 556 0922 to make arrangements

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