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Light Impressions

19 February 2021

Light Impressions is a body of paintings that mostly comprise of landscapes, treescapes and other observational studies from the natural environment. Each painting is a direct attempt at capturing the essence of the sunlight and the effects thereof on the subject with broad, loose and expressive use of brushwork and a limited palette consisting only of the three primary colours with white and black. Nearly all paintings were painted from life, en plein air, which reinforces the use of broad strokes to speedily capture the fleeting and ever-changing nature of sunlight. This approach lends itself to Gestalt principles whereby form and structure are formed from a seemingly chaotic arrangement of elements, such as lines, shapes, colours and textures, to create a meaningful and recognisable whole. One stroke of dark greenish grey becomes enough to describe a row of trees in the distance while another stroke of muddy orange reveals a formation of rocks. Most works were painted in one sitting, alla prima, while a few others were done in multiple sessions and at different times of the day signifying the coming together of temporal differences into an eternal continuum of light.

Participating: Hannes Elsenbroek


Address: 198 Long Street, Waterkloof
Tel: (012) 460 5497 || Cell: 082 923 2551


The Threads that Bind Us

Participating: Various artists

Opening: Saturday 27 March 2021 - 1 May 2021

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