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4 December 2023 - 19 January 2024

Participating: Bernard Brand | Octavia Roodt | Neo Theku

As we transition from the end of 2023 and into the beginning of a new year filled with the joyous spirit of the festive season, this exhibition presents a collection of artworks inspired by the colloquial Afrikaans slang for Christmas: Krismis, which delves into the delicate interplay between consumerism, faith, and the societal pressures of celebrating accomplishments whilst also hinting a sense of absence or something amiss.
Amidst the exchange of gifts to our beloved, when we easily find ourselves grappling with the measure of love in monetary terms, entranced along the web of social media boasting, let us not forget that this period is also exceptionally difficult to those susceptible to loneliness, melancholy, depression, and despair. During this time of consolidation and reflection, perhaps we could recalibrate our gauge of affection and appreciation against something priceless: time. A simple, heartfelt message or a thoughtful call can change the course of someone’s life within moments.
Hoping to manifest new goals in the forthcoming year and celebrating our successes of the past - may we also prioritize self-care and rest whilst staying true to the spirit of this festive season.



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