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13 August 2022

My flesh covers the tough clay, my bones to rocks are metamorphosed, that’s the cold northern star burning
in my eyes, those legs, those thighs, my monstrous trunk, my erect head, here it ends. – Anton Smit
As one encounters these monumental sculptures, there is a feeling of reverential respect and wonder. The overwhelming scale of these twenty-five figurative works affords a pause, a moment in time to shift, to see beyond ourselves. You will feel encouraged to touch, to examine closely, to engage at a deeper level to discover the mood and the message. There is an integrated combination of poetry and sculpture, Anton’s sculptures are inspired - entwined with word and verse. Expect to see a variety of traditional and African influences, stylistic variations reflecting a diverse interest in art, the human form, and the desire to impact the human condition.

Participating: Anton Smit


Address: Shop 35 & 36, Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, Johannesburg
Cell: +27 78 648 8221
Hours: Tuesday to Friday 9am-5pm. Saturday + Sunday 10am-4pm.



Participating: Various artists

Opening: Thursday 1 September 2022 - 16 October 2022

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