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At least for now...

16 July 2022 - 13 September 2022

Khoza is in a state of content with his latest body of work. At Least For Now... is an exploration of the artist’s perspective between yearning for more and not taking the time to be grateful for the present. Bright, hopeful and serene backgrounds are juxtaposed with the stark reality of the have nots. The recurring motif of a pillow and blanket as the centre of the content, is in stark comparison with the reality of not having more. We are often in the pursuit of having better things, believing that contentment lies in what we most desire. At Least For Now... brings us back to the present, where we find enough in the little that we have to continue dreaming.  
Sizwe Khoza is a contemporary South African visual artist who was born in Mozambique, two years before the end of the civil war. He relocated to South Africa where he currently lives and practices as one of the leading contemporary visual artists. His artistic career began when he enrolled to study printmaking at Artist Proof Studio in 2010. Khoza’s visual language was initially informed by the photographs that consist of black women and their surroundings in Mozambique. He continually visits his birthplace for research and to collect references for his work that has evolved into the game of chess as a metaphorical subject in his art practice. Khoza began his practice using monotype as his primary technique, before exploring other mediums such as painting. He is well-known for his bold colourful portraits of women with headwraps.  Khoza was given a residency at the William Humphrey Art Gallery in Kimberley in 2013, which included a mentorship from the late Dumisani Mabaso. The residency allowed him to specialise in other printmaking techniques such as drypoint and silkscreen. Khoza has participated in numerous group exhibitions locally. In 2020 he had a solo exhibition at the Boston Arts Academy in the United States, and was awarded the Ampersand Foundation Fellowship in the same year. His works can also be found in corporate collections such as Rand Merchant Insurance, Rand Merchant Bank and Hollard Insurance. 

Participating: Sizwe Khoza


Lizamore & Associates at The Fire Station
Address: The Fire Station, 16 Baker Street, Rosebank, Johannesburg
Cell: 082 651 4702
Hours: Mondays to Saturdays 07:00 - 19:00


HER EYE ON THE STORM: A tribute to Gisèle Wulfsohn (18 March 1957 - 27 Dec 2011)

Participating: Gisèle Wulfsohn

Opening: Tuesday 16 August 2022 at 18:00 - 22 October 2022

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