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8 February 2024 - 28 March 2024

Participating: Asemahle Ntlonti

blank is pleased to present Inzonzobila, a solo exhibition by Asemahle Ntlonti.
"[...] Ntlonti’s work is preoccupied with structural impossibility and limit. What consistently appears as cracks in the composition, we might read as the woundedness of the ‘pained’ landscapes against the (im)possibility of repair. Ntlonti’s abstraction hints at the consistency in the violence of the structure that displaces, dislocates and dispossesses at all levels, including corporeal, political, spiritual, psycho-social, and territorial. Through wetting and scrubbing, threading and transferring, Ntlonti labours to aerially reveal (and conceal) a ‘body of land’ punctuated by marks, suggestive of violently whirling winds that rummage the surface. There is a productive tension between the scrubbed-thin layer of painterly medium and the metaphorical heaviness of the blobs of thread that give the work a three-dimensionality. These strategies of peeling away and stitching evident in the artist’s cartographic forms, realised in what she calls “shy colours” - earthy browns, pinks, dull whites and patches of blues - accentuate the sense of precarity and structural vulnerability so central in Ntlonti’s conceptual concerns."

text by Vusi Nkomo


Address: 10 Lewin Street, Woodstock, Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 462 4276 || Cell: +27 72 198 9221
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10:00 - 17:00. Saturday 10:00 - 13:00 or by appointment.

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