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Toemaar, die donker kom (Hush, the dark is coming)

2 October 2023


Bernard Brand, Ilené Bothma, Tanisha Bhana, Janel Capraro, Annemi Conradie-Chetty & Haidee Nel.

Curated by Dr Moshumee T. Dewoo.
Toemaar, die donker kom (Hush, the dark is coming) draws inspiration from Ingrid Jonker’s timeless poem: Toemaar die donker man, to offer sanctuary to exceptionally talented contemporary South African artists embarked on a quest to unravel the intricate interplay between light and darkness within the depths of their existence.
This is a quest that transcends the diverse mediums through which their art is expressed, to immediately reveal itself as profound psycho-exploration turned into courageous confrontation, illumination then, of that which would rather be concealed – their unconscious, the depths of their inner self, the darker aspects of their psyche as the shadows that linger on the fringes of perception.
This exploration also seamlessly intertwines with South Africa’s own collective darkness, its wounded history, its scarred people, its broken landscape and debilitated structures, all woven between bedsheet and sprawling landfill, mask and face, serving as a reflection on the complexities of South Africanness, much like a softly whispered conversation with the nation’s soul, with the artists serving as gentle companions, the interpreters of the country’s darkness.
Along these lines, Toemaar, die donker kom (Hush, the dark is coming) extends an invitation to viewers to join these artists on their quest, encouraging them to delve into the depths of their own psyche and perceptions to confront the darkness that resides within them (and within us all, in the end, at other times and in other forms). It offers a hand of empathy to illuminate South Africa’s collective darkness, fostering a common exploration of, a conversation in many ways about, the interplay of light and darkness that defines contemporary South Africanness – the country’s inevitable, shared darkness as identity.
Toemaar, die donker kom (Hush, the dark is coming) presents a singular opportunity to seek and engage with light piercing through the shadows of consciousness, nurturing both personal and collective growth.




Between a rock and a hard place

Participating: Various artists

Opening: Thursday 1 August 2024 - 27 September 2024

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