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Ancient Future 2013 | Gallery 2 Johannesburg

Artist Statement

Notions of the imaginary, myth and memory have always been a central articulation of the phychospace of the city, just as sociological imagination is continually recast in the changing realm of new technologies which has fundamentally altered the ontology of the city as space-travel, mobility and transitivity.

Eric Duplan's mapping of the city becomes a form of individualistic symbolic language that in a abstract way relates to journey, discovery and road, always probing deeper and peeling off and stripping the layers of the city. His work deals with a kind of post-urban condition where life in the city is restless, disrupting state of being-in-between places or liminality.

"In my work, technological, social and engineered systems of thinking have been deconstructed into a grid that seemingly holds our fragile world together; human form and nature have been transmuted into a symbolic language of compressed signs, comprehensible only to those caught up int the post-human matrix."

Professor Elfriede Dreyer

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