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This new body of works, comprising 17 oil paintings, is a composition of Scott's memories, yearnings for childhood and for the places made inaccessible by lockdown. The grief is for the friends gone, or not seen, and landscapes lost due to restricted travel. The strongest emotion of all is hope, hope for South Africa and the turmoils it faces, and hope for the world, recovering from the harsh realities and pain of the pandemic.

In his paintings, whether large or small, Scott manages to convey the complexities and the sheer magnitude of our landscapes. He often deals with places that would not be considered worthy of aesthetic attention due to the impact of human beings on the landscape. The paintings attempt to restore meaning to these sites beyond the current consensus of irreparable desecration.

Having grown up on a farm in Ixopo, KZN, his reverence and respect of our natural environment is widely evident.

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