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Edna Magazine 2006

Artist Photo

The following work explores the construct of the celebrity not just as a brand but also as a simulation. I created the character EDNA modeled around the constructs of socialites such as Paris Hilton who interested me as they represented a lifestyle one both desires and hates. The idea to blend real facts of my own life into exagerated stories became a playful way to explore the tension of desire,reality and fiction and perfection versus imperfection.

The work indulges in the frivolity of the glamour image which is repeated and reproduced. It delves into the standardised content of the fashion magazine, but also the manufacturing of the celebrity. Narcissism and hedonism is promoted by celebrity and glamour culture. The celebrity and fashion and other consumer systems have a symbiotic relationship, the one constantly reinforcing and promoting the others. Celebrity culture is high gloss and glamour yet there is a darkness implied in these lifestyles. Body politics, beauty and reality comes into play The whole concept was explored with a series of postcards, posters and four magazines.

Postcard and Poster series

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