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Isolation Portfolio - A Collaboration

With the restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 lockdown, which prohibited access to his printmaking facilities, Collin embarked on a collaborative project with his partner and fellow printmaker, Dina Kroon. Using proofs and editioned prints from the past 20 years, the partnership cut-up and reassembled aspects of them into 53 unique 1/1 prints that are each identified as the Corona Project by the graphic symbol of the virus that figuratively 'contaminates' the works. Almost half these works were framed in their home studio, repurposing and refurbishing frames from their storeroom.

Collin Cole is a Johannesburg based artist, working primarily as a printmaker and painter. His work is largely autobiographical, a reflection of his personal experiences, in the form of idiosyncratic narratives that mostly reference his extensive collection of objects that have been accumulated over several decades.

Dina Kroon is an artist whose work emerges from the intersection between photography, printmaking, sculpture and graphic design. She is experimental in attitude. In her printmaking, she combines her finely controlled traditional techniques with accidental incidents, which allows her to be exploratory and playful. Her flexibility enables her to collaborate as she has done with Collin Cole, in this particular project.

Dina Kroon - at info@bluedoorprintstudio.co.za

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