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About The Artist

Artist Photo

My work of art is a visual recording of architecture and infrastructures existing in my immediate environment. I depict these constructions so that they are exposed to the audience for evaluation and approval and be finally adopted as part of the surrounding.

Metaphorically, these paintings relate to the tribal craft design of geometrical beadwork, i.e. circular, triangular, rectangular and square African designs and patterns. The decorative colours on these contemporary buildings bear reference to the mural decorations of the traditional African heritage.

I have often used hazy colours as an attempt to symbolize the Africans' life and social circumstances, i.e. the social and political confusion that many black South Africans are confronted with. In addition, figuratively, the congestions that appear in my paintings are done in an attempt to express some factors regarding a population explosion in some parts of the industrial South Africa, especially the metropolitan areas of Johannesburg.

As a fellow South African, I find black labourers to be helpless and dominated by the big structures in the concrete and steel worlds. These are the imbalances and living conditions in a capitalist society: that is, first world individuals vs third world individuals; plastic and corrugated shacks against ideal city glass-towers and luxury hotels. As a result, most of my paintings reflect a contradiction between a silent landscape and juxtaposed industrial tools such as cranes and heavy duty trucks.

Artist CV

Daniel was born 23 February 1970 in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

He obtained a BA Fine Arts Degree from the North West University in 1991

He obtained his BA Honours in History of Art at Pretoria University in 1994

He obtained his Masters Degree in Fine Arts at Pretoria University in 2001

He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Museum and Heritage Studies (2010) from University of Pretoria and a Honours qualification in Information Science (2010) from the same institution.


1992 - 1998: Offered art lessons at a College of Education in the North West province, South Africa

2004 - 2007: Functioned as a Graphic Designer for the Department of Education Regional Office in the North West Province

2008 - 2011: Joined the University of Pretoria as a Museum Curator

2008: Curated a community based art exhibition that featured prominent artists based in Mamelodi (Greater Tshwane Municipality, South Africa)

2012: Appointed as an independent curator for the Sanaa 2012 art exhibition held in Braamfontein, Johannesburg


1988: Attended a workshop on art techniques (a practical lesson on the wash off technique) North-West University

1989: Attended a walkabout at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, based on contemporary African Art:

1991: Went for a major art walk, during the annual national standard bank Grahamstown art festival.

1991: Attended a workshop at the Mmabatho, Mmabana cultural centre based on art and craft techniques (skill-screen, colour engraving, water colours, pottery-slap pots, mono prints, bleach methods and reverse prints):

1994: Attended a workshop on contemporary South African Art at Pretoria Art Museum:

1995: Attended an art conference at the Johannesburg biennale (Bua-emergence art)

1995: Attended a sculpture workshop at Pretoria Technikon (good, clean and fresh)

1996: Conducted a workshop on T-shirt printing - UNESCO Pretoria

1997: Attended an art conference at the Johannesburg Biennial

1999 & 2001: Invited as a guest lecturer at the University of Pretoria (African Identity)

2004: Accepted as a resident artist at the Ngoma International Art Workshop, held in Uganda

2005: Participated in the Thupelo International Art Workshop held in Cape Town, South Africa

2007: Took part in the Insaka International Art Workshop held in Zambia.


1990: Appointed as the committee additional member of the University of Bophuthatswana Fine art society.

1991: Appointed as Chairman of the University of Bophuthatswana fine art society. Appointed as deputy vice chairperson of the University of Bophuthatswana Afrikaans Vereneging.

1992: Appointed as a patron for the Moretele College of education art society.

1995: Elected as an art curator for Pretoria outreach commitee for the Johannesburg Biennale.

1995: Appointed in the selection panel New Signatures.

2001: Nominated to take part in the selection panel - New Signatures Art Awards.

2005: Participated in the 2005 ABSA Atelier Art competition selection process

2006: Served Sasol New Signatures Art Awards selection process

2008: Took part in the Thami Mnyele Art Award adjudications process

2009: Participated in the Sasol Wax Art Awards adjudication process


1988: Sol Plaatjie annual art exhibition

1989: Sol Plaatjie annual art exhibition


  • North West University staff and students exhibition
  • Mafikeng museum art exhibition
  • Mmabatho high school art exhibition
  • Finland annual Youth exhibition
  • Mafikeng Museum art exhibition
  • Mmabatho High School art exhibition

1991: Sol Plaatjie annual art exhibition

1992: Sol Plaatjie annual art exhibition

1993: Sasol New Signatures, Lewis Momentum art exhibition, ABSA Atelier art awards


  • V.O. betrams art of Africa awards
  • ABSA Atelier art awards
  • Sasol New Signatures

1995: JHB Biennale group exhibition, ABSA Atelier art awards

1996: Two man show - Pretoria, Sasol New Signatures art awards


  • Kempton Park /Tembisa art awards
  • Four man show - Pretoria
  • Two man show - Johannesburg
  • ABSA Atelier art awards


  • Three man show Open Window, Greater Pretoria - UNISA,
  • Sasol New Signatures art awards


  • Four man show at the Open Window
  • Kempton Park / Tembisa art awards
  • DASART - Mexico; Canada


  • ABSA Atelier Art awards
  • One Man Show - Masters Degree
  • Group exhibition - Oliewenhuis Art Museum


    • ABSA Atelier Art awards
    • Two Man Show - Millennium Gallery
    • Two Man Show - Open Window Art Academy
    • Group Show - Art at the Bamboo centre - Johannesburg
    • Group show - Millennium Gallery


    • Ekhuruleni / Kempton Park / Tembisa art Awards.
    • German / South Africa Art Project, Museum Africana, Johannesburg.
    • Ngoma International Art Workshop, Uganda.
    • Pretoria Artists – Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town.


    • Group exhibition – Art & Reconciliation, Pretoria University.
    • Thupelo International Art Workshop, Cape Town, S A.


  • One man show at the ABSA Gallery in Johannesburg.
  • One man show Association of SA Art – Pretoria (Tshwane)


  • Insaka International Art Workshop, Zambia.
  • Group show: University of Pretoria Alumni Exhibition, Pretoria


  • Solo exhibition: French Alliance, Cape Town
  • Group exhibition, Oliewenhuis Art Museum, Bloemfontein.

    2009: Group exhibition, Cameo Gallery, Pretoria

    2010: Group show Unisa Art Gallery, Pretoria

    2011: Group show South African Association of Art, Pretoria

    2012: Group show, Sanaa Africa, Johannesburg


    Webber Wentzel Bowens law firm, Telkom, SASOL, Vodacom, UNISA, University of Pretoria, University of North-West, Mercedes SA, Ekhuruleni municipality, Pretoria Art Museum, DBSA, ATC SA, Olievenhuis Museum, ABSA, Ngoma art organization – Uganda, Insaka art organization – Zambia, University of Stellenbosch.


    Several national and international art collections.


    Diploma, certificate and bronze medal: Finland Young artist awards (1990)

    First Prize - Salplaatjie art exhibition (1991)

    Third Prize - Kempton Park art awards - (1997)

    Second Prize - Kempton Park - Tembisa art awards (1999)

    Finalist certificate - V.O. Bertams art of Africa Awards (1994)

    Top 14 - Kempton Park Tembisa Art Awards (2000)

    Top 15 - Kempton Park Tembisa Ekhuruleni Art Awards (2004)

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