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For the Love of Creativity: New art competition by Longstreet Art Lovers Gallery announces its winners
by Marilyn de Freitas

Craig Muller won the visitor’s choice prize in the inaugural For the Love of Art Competition for his work, Proto Type. The work explores Islamic extremist ideology where the mannequin became a crash test muslim without a name.

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Take a walk down fantasy lane with artist Craig Muller

Craig Muller takes his audience into an alternate reality and offer them an entertaining and witty look at his world and views. His drawings and fable mechanical creatures seem childlike at first glance but upon deeper inspection, the works tackle underlying societal issues.

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Behind Craig Muller`s Ochre Curtain lies a new and unknown world
by Marilyn de Freitas

Behind the Ochre Curtain lies illusionary and anonymous images in a show of magical creations of unexpected hybrid creatures and dark mythological drawings created by artist Craig Muller.

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