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About The Artist

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Drawings by Clinton Harrop-Allin

The drawings allude to aspects of the visual world but do not imitate or represent that world. They don't represent any previously existing reality. Each one is an artistic construct with its own (invented) reality.

Employing the linear and tonal devices of the pencil drawing medium, the focus is on formal-pictorial considerations: the interplay of form and space, light and dark, the organic and the geometric, the figurative and the abstract, allusion and ambiguity. Still life objects, landscape features, human figures, architectural forms, and other recognisable images are therefore pictorial devices employed to these ends. As such, freed from any imitative role, they can be simplified, shaped, arranged, combined and manipulated at will. And, as is the case with "pure" music, concept and process are not concerned with any specific meaning – hence the absence of titles.

There's obviously nothing original about all this and I am clearly an old-fashioned traditionalist. A long-standing tradition provides the objective and the playing field. Beyond that, however, there's the practice and the game itself and there everything depends on individual temperament, imagination, inventiveness and a personal manner and technique – and that's where seventy-something years looking at and thinking about pictures comes into play.

* All works are done on slightly off-white 200gsm drawing paper. The average size is 36 x 26cm (A3).

Artist Biography

Born in Pretoria in 1936 and lives there to this day.

Pretoria Boys' High School and Witwatersrand University. Post-graduate Art-History studies at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Taught History and Art at Pretoria schools before joining the academic staff in the Department of History of Art and Fine Arts at UNISA in 1969.

Various published articles on architectural historical subjects. Author of the book on Norman Eaton, a significant figure in mid-twentieth century architecture in South Africa.

Continued at UNISA as Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor until retirement in 1995. The drawing activities followed.

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