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Print Works

The artist is currently concerned with the extension of the painted surface, and has painted a number of ceramic vases entitled 'Garden Trophies' as part of a collaborative project dealing with the theme of paradise regained. Monoprint, drypoint and etching are also part of the artist's investigation of (onto found objects) transformation and the documentation process.

The print work is largely centred around the trans of large scale oil paintings into the printed media

In re-visiting a previous theme of "House and Garden", the artist. Cheryl Gage has reconfigured her paintings in the "Garden" series, and produced a limited adition of mixed media graphic prints, entitled "Paradise regained".

The portfolio of four images, reproduced in an E.V. of four prints each, deals with the idea of paradise regained. The format comprieses of three different print techniques, a monoprint image (based on the oil paintings of the garden theme), a linocut print onto fabric, which is "chine colle-ed" onto the paper surface, and a drypoint stencil that is superimposed onto the monotype drawing. The archetype image combines Afro-Euro symbolism, while the landscape reference echoes the garden paintings, and the central "animal fur" lino prints refer to the idea of paradise, animality, the garden of delights.

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