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Domestic Diary

I began my research within the constructs of a 'Domestic Diary'. My interest in still life subject matter, the products and packaging of household consumer foods, shifted from the record of possessions to the record of performance, and I photographed the sequence of my house-cleaning routine. I had taken on this role of cleaning the house myself as an act of retribution towards the denigrated role of the domestic worker. As a result of this experience, I produced a series of seven mixed media paintings, and a large triptych of oil on canvas. The smaller canvases are constructed of sewn sections of fabric, plastic, leather, beads and embroidery.

The imagery in the decorative oil paintings is supplemented by a narrative sequence on video.

The paper works that make up the series entitled 'Once upon a time, the house', are based on the fairytale of 'Little Red Riding Hood', and serve as a token of woman's hand-me-down cultural learning.

This collection of artworks characterizes my concerns with the means of representation: the layers of 'reality' encoded in the physique of the traditional art media, whether it be power, paint, light or objects.

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