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Some Camouflage is More Than Skin Deep 2007

Wash, rinse and repeat, is synonymous to the labeled instructions of cleaning products. These words signify that repetition may enhance a positive outcome. The method of repetition plays an integral part to our daily reasoning; it is our coping mechanism. If one doesn’t succeed, one should try and try again.

The different ways, in which one attempts to hide one’s dirt, have not changed significantly through the ages. It is however very interesting to investigate the different situations and the methods used to deal with the guilty conscience. Abuse of power; religious and politically inherited guilt and the AIDS pandemic are realities in our global village that need to be exposed, but are almost without exception shunned upon.

This collection lathers soapy-parallels between some of the subjects above by the use of familiar, cultural objects. Objects such as an ironing board, a kitchen strainer and soap speak of our heritage from a predominately female perspective. I use these objects to playfully draw attention to subjects that are suppressed.

I looked to the recurrence of the materials fat and felt in the conceptual work of the German artist, Joseph Beuys as a point of departure to the incorporation of home made soap and raw hide in my work to communicate a common South African heritage.

Individual pieces provide humorous commentary on aspects from our upbringing -statements made by mothers or grandparents - to more recent public statements made by political and or social leaders. The collection is woven together by the predominant use of household objects, raw hide and the lingering smell of soap.

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