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It started at the age of 12, when I realized the significance of art, and at that tender age painting became a vehicle for the need to create.

Surrounded by all things beautiful inside and outside of our house on a South African smallholding situated on a hill in the Skurweberg mountain area near Pretoria, it was no great surprise. My father's sculptures and the beauty of nature had made it's impression. He then sent me off to the Pro-Arte art school in Pretoria.

Ten years of formal art training followed and I ended up as a qualified graphic designer. But after listening to my true heart, I followed my greatest love, painting! My early career was filled with many murals, as well as portraits in oils. At that time I was especially drawn to the rich texture and color found in textiles, but also found myself not satisfied with only depicting the visual scene. I started delving into the rich world of the human condition, and portraying the scenes in their lives that could tell a thousand stories. A fruitful time of painting commissions and murals in South-Africa, Dubai and USA and also Germany followed.

Forward to 2014, through 35 delightful years of painting. My own story has made a great turn, and the reason for that change has become the focus of my art. It’s a person, and His name is Jesus Christ! Walking along with Him is a deep and unexplainable experience. I now strive to capture the spiritual presence and reality of each setting.

The first work in this category was the Last Supper, that took almost a year to complete. This was the start of my spiritual works that spoke from the absolute spillover of my heart.

Depictions of the ocean is a natural outflow of my spiritual journey, as the water is so magnificent and ever changing, just like God. The constant ebb and flow of its mystery filled me. I daily breathed in the inspiration like the fresh ocean breezes on the stormy coastline of the Western Cape were I lived. I look at the ever changing play of light on the waves as I walk and talk to Him, and the streams of living water flows through my hands. My brush also has found its pleasure in portraying the interesting effects that light plays on this exciting ever changing giant.

Thus identity of my talent has found itself in detailed realism. The challenge that light and nature brings is the chosen anvil that I use to create every painting on.

My interest was stirred towards doing more spiritually based works and nothing moved me more then when I took the bold step to stop painting all together and laying a prayer before the Lord that if He wants me to do more spiritual work…He should be the One to show me what He wants. Two months passed and then He showed me, it was the birth of a painting called ‘The Victory’, it was a really enormous crucifixion. At the time it was not what I would have chosen, if it was left up to me, but I was obedient to His call. What actually happened through the creation of this painting was not expected but had totally changed my and Janine’s world on all levels. The involvement of The Lord’s hand on the development of the painting from start to finish, and how He even guided us on the exhibiting, and also the selling of the work, was awesome to say the least. Let alone how many people that was moved by the experience. (more info on my website)

This clearly was the start of something new and exciting!

The intrigue with the enormity of prophecy in scripture was something that developed out of the creative journey while working on ‘The Victory’. That concept was just too big to fit into one work. Therefore I started on a solo exhibition around the image of Jesus and the old testament prophetic referrals to His coming and the fact that He is the Word. The exhibition was called “The Word became flesh”. This exhibition was launched in September 2017. But still to me there is a feeling of continuing on the theme.. But yet our God is a mystery and so I am awaiting with great expectation to the next exhibition of works as I have no Idea what the Lord has in store.

We are currently focusing on marketing of our artwork and fine art prints both locally and internationally.

2 Corintians 2:14
But thanks be to God who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him.

Artist CV

Biography and Academic Qualification

Brindley was born in Pretoria on 20 October 1967 as the youngest son of sculptor Tienie Prithchard. He grew up close to the Hartebeestpoort Dam and attended the Pretoria School of Art, Ballet and Music (Pro Arte) from 1981 to 1986. He qualified from Pretoria Technikon with a National Diploma Graphic Design in 1990 and took part in an exhibition of student work as part requirement for this qualification.


Brindley sees himself as a contemporary realist exploring various themes, among others, working with figures in interiors, landscapes and portraiture. He draws his inspiration from creating an exceptional and unique mood in each painting. He strives to provide an enriching experience for everyone who comes in contact with his work. The quality of his work is the result of being loyal to his creative vision.

Exhibitions, Work on Regular Display and Career Highlights

  • 1996: Mullerie Taljaard Gallery, Johannesburg – group exhibition
  • 1998: Karin de Goede Gallery, Pretoria – group exhibition
  • 2006: Voir Gallery, Pretoria – group exhibitions in August and September
  • 2006: Clearspace Arhitects, Brooklyn, Pretoria – group exhibition

    Brindley’s work has also been on regular display at:

  • The Henry Taylor Gallery, (1996 – 2000),
  • The Palace of the Lost City, Sun City Complex (1998 – 2000),
  • The Globe Galley, Pretoria (1999 - 2000),
  • The Sandton Gallery, Sandton (2001 – 2002),
  • The Chris Tugwell Gallery, Kosmos, Hartebeestpoort Dam (2002 – 2003)
  • The Louise Boshoff Gallery, Hartebeestpoort Dam (2002 – 2005),
  • Crake Gallery (2006 – 2006) and Cherie de Villiers (2006 – 2007).

    Brindley received commissions for a number of murals from 1993 to 1995 while producing work for his first group exhibition. He worked as a prop artist on the movie set of the film Merlin in 1998, worked as portrait artist for the American Embassy and British High Commission from 2000 to 2002 and executed a commission to paint a ceiling dome for an Indonesian palace during 2001 to 2002.

    In 2004 he received a large private sponsorship to work for two years on a collection of work of his own choice. During this period his artistic expression matured significantly.

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