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2009 - 2011

The works that is coming out of my studio lately is all an interesting experience of delving into details of my usual work,which normally involves full scale female figures mostly. Going into this view of detailing opens up a whole new concept of looking at my painting world. It brings new elements and feels all realistic and abstract,modern and old. This is hands, feet and faces that each carry with them a hefty amount of individuality and with interesting light it makes all the food one needs to make a strong painting. They are bold, fun, light and strong in simplicity.

The faces is used in a particular way as it reflects the aspect of communicative eyes. Its visual dazzling effect and its presence on a grand scale. The large scale also forced me to work and solve large spaces on the canvas. Working these spaces with interesting paint effects and developments of brushwork that carries an expressive and thus more abstract quality into my paintings, that has not been present there before. The growth of this interesting but bravely unknown area that I wonder into in my work I find very stimulating in its excecution. The other fun aspect of these large faces is the fact that they change in mood and feel as the daylight fades into twilight,even just moonlight in a room unravels a strange beauty from them. This is caused by the bold big simplistic features.

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