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Featuring Retha Buitendach and Helena Hugo

Helena Hugo is essentially a portrait artist who prefers to portray those individuals who are often overlooked or taken for granted. Her subject matter ranges from portraits of South African Labourers to, more recently, studying the effects which the age old pseudo science called physiognomy still has on our society.

Retha Buitendach`s artworks deals with nature in both its macrocosmic and microcosmic detail. The hidden interconnectedness of all living things is an important underlying theme, as is the chance connections between seemingly unrelated things or even words. Unusual and microscopic life-forms as well as those seen everyday are sometimes portrayed in unusual contexts, thereby inducing the onlooker to discover them anew.

198 Long Street, Waterkloof || Tel: (012) 460 5497 || Cell: 082 923 2551

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