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Since the 1990s fashion photography has ventured ever more ominously into an obsession and fetishisation with beautifully dressed, aesthetically pleasing, models arranged in deathly, morbid poses which hints at the recently dead (Evans 2003:194, Ferro 2014:[sp]).

Such depictions of the female corpse constructs disturbing and deeply coded links between femininity and death. The dead feminine body becomes `an object of sight` and fetish where the male spectator, becomes the active possessor of the passive feminine body (Bronfen 1992:xiii, Mulvey 1975:11).

In Thelma`s work, she makes use of grotesque displays of the female body, which hints at the female corpse, as an attempt to free the female body from the parameters of patriarchal rule.

More about the artist(s): www.art.co.za/thelmavanrensburg


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