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An Exhibition of Collages

Making a collage does not involve the same processes as doing a painting, even though one arrives at a pictorial image in the end. The painter has an array of colours on the palette, which are selected, mixed and determined by the artist as a primary act.

In making a collage the artist`s materials and elements are already predetermined; they already have their colours, patterns, textures, even images of a certain scale and have already existed in a previous context and meaning. The artist selects these from a very wide range of sources and when manipulating these their original meanings and contexts are deconstructed and their visual qualities are used to create new meanings.

But simply rearranging and assembling these decoratively is not my aim; my collages must create a new meaning, a mood, a statement, an atmosphere, even if they are sometimes light-hearted and witty.

More about the artist(s): www.art.co.za/brentrecord

86 Skilpad Road, Monument Park, Pretoria || Tel: 012 346 0710 || Cell: 083 384 2402

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