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Communal: Share & Give 2003

Communal adj. 1 shared between members of a group or community; for common use. 2 (of conflict etc.) between esp. ethnic or religious communities.

The two works submitted for the BKAA are large digital prints (1000 x 1000mm). Each is block mounted on 9mm board.

Originally, slides were taken with a 35mm camera with added magnifying lenses to allow for a close enough shot of the communion glasses. The type you find in more contemporary church congregations for the taking of the Eucharist. These are filled with red wine. The slide was then scanned at 300 DPI and “cleaned up” on Photo Shop. There was little manipulation of the original slide, but dust particles and scratches were removed. It was not necessary to change the original colour that was captured on slide. The images were then enlarged to 1 x 1 meter and printed.

The ‘zooming in’ effect shows our need for closer inspection, scrutiny and questioning. This we find in human nature, so that an amount of tolerance and community can be achieved. Of course, the opposite is also true. We often do this in judgement of the other. An act of prejudice, in order to brake down and to marginalise.

Both factors are true and the latter is an ongoing concern in the Christian faith (an institution I am very familiar with).

The Christian iconography becomes symbolic of our day-to-day relationships and ability to segregate, marginalise and misuse, and at the same time, our ability to tolerate, embrace and be part of.

In the church , the partaking of communion is regarded as a vital element of Christian practice.

While you, as a believer, are a sinner and full of imperfections, you are required to do this as a gesture of recognition of being part of something greater than yourself.

This you do in community. It is most often a communal practice.

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