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Repatriation 2010

The notion of the nomad and wanderer aligns perfectly with the title of the show, Diaspora: Should I stay or should I go. The word, Diaspora, is Greek in origin and literally means “to scatter the seeds”. It usually refers to the movement or displacement of a nation sharing particular ethnic qualities. Displacement further links with the notion of being in limbo and recalls notions of nostalgia and memory.

The artist intends to investigate her own identity and position with reference to the title. Being of Afrikaans origin, growing up in South Africa shaped the artist’s identity to be both multiple and unique. Aspects of South Africa and the artist’s Afrikaans heritage will inform the imagery for the show.

For the purposes of the above-mentioned show, the artist proposes a series of 5 round (approximately 40 cm in diameter) oil on board paintings, executed in a photorealist manner.

The works will comprise indigenous flowers such as proteas, red hot pokers and pincushions, entwined with Afrikaans words (in reference to various feminine natures) in the background. Whilst drawing meaning from the associations of flowers with the feminine, the artist also comments on female Afrikaans identity which is slightly different from the gentle and weak role generally assigned to women.

Each painting is “framed” by an embroidery ring in an attempt to make reference to the traditional Afrikaans practice of cross-stitching and crocheting as well as femininity.

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