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CAP Institute of Learning in Contemporary Art Practice Workshops: Space

22 February 2020 from 08:30 - 16:00

Venue: 65 The Fountains, Via Firenze, Lombardy Estate, Graham Road (Silver Lakes Area), Pretoria

The workshop considers how to approach and render space in an artwork. Different spaces are considered such as urban and architectural space; landscape; and interiors. There is focus on psychospace and the creation of mood and the associations embedded in colour, as well as on the importance of line and mark making to articulate a mood. A study of colour and its different nuances and associations  will be done. 
The workshop includes an introductory PowerPoint presentation on space, place and mood in examples of local and international artworks. Concise theoretical and art historical background is provided. 
In preparation artists will have to create a work in colour for the workshop; after discussion it will be completed/edited during the workshop. Bring own materials and an additional canvas or sheet of paper to the workshop. On confirmation of attendance more prep info will be provided.

Cost: R600

Contact: Prof. Elfriede Dreyer at +27 83 2712342 or email