Photo by Richardt Kok

Cell: 079 4961892

Journey Across Soul and Space

Her first solo-exhibition since her return from abroad.

At the age of 35, sculptor Susanna Swart has travelled a journey which took her from Pretoria, across to America and then to Europe. Along the way she has distinguished herself not only as an exceptional artist but also as an expert caster, establishing a foundry with an American business partner in South Africa in 1997.

Susanna Swart has exhibited in the United States throughout the Eastern Seaboard, including New York and Philadelphia. In Belgium she was invited to participate in a three-person show at the Royal Academy of Art in Oudenaarde.

Her work is to be found in collections all over the world including the USA, Canada, various European countries, India, Dubai and Australia. In South Africa she is represented in private, public and corporate collections.

Returning to her hometown Pretoria in 1997, Susanna Swart reconnected with her love of the African landscape. This deep spiritual bond is reflected in her female figures, which blend and become one with rock formations, trees, driftwood and bones. Armoured and weapon-like forms appear, invoking tension within an ancient sense of serenity. Of her own work she says: "I want to tap into those primal memory triggers - opening long-forgotten dialogues within the viewer."

Her work has incredible magnetism, drawing the viewer into voluptuous, erotic and sometimes painfully sharp forms.

Pretoria is proud to present Susanna Swart's solo-exhibition in the Old Arts Gallery at the University of Pretoria, where light and space do justice to her sculptural forms. This exhibition, entitled 'soulspace', marks an end-point to a journey that has taken her across the world and brought her back to Pretoria

Katty Vandenberghe (084 828 7370)