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Title: Connections
Medium: Aerial photographs, photographs & wood
Year: 2007

Connections, is a game I used to play as a young girl. On my little adventures, in our surrounding area, whenever I came across something new, I would always ask myself, ‘ what does this look like?’ So I trained myself to make connections in everything I see. As a child our perceptions of the world is very different, it’s abstract and close up it’s only when we grow up that our view changes drastically. It’s a broader view and we are far more aware of the bigger picture. We have changed our perspective from a microcosm to a macrocosm.

It’s funny how subconsciously we make connections. Our eyes and subconscious makes the links that two images are the same, yet our brain tells us logically, that they are not the same. In life we make these links subconsciously, constantly.

Connections is about different perspectives from completely different dimensions and objects, yet despite their vast differences and point of views, if you look hard enough you will always find similarities.

Consciously and subconsciously we make connections because as humans we like what is familiar, if something is strange or unknown we reject it. It is comforting to our souls when we find something that we can connect to.

It is displayed in a funnel shape, because it all depends from which side of the funnel you look from, whether your outlook will be narrow or wide. Despite your outlook or even the objects, whether natural or man-made, small or large, everything is connected, even if it’s just in our minds eye.

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