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Title: Choleric Personality compared to blue stars
Medium: Sand casted glass, wood, steel, cement & pva paint
Year: 2008

I used the shape of a triangle as the base and the individual sand caste glass pieces, because it is the strongest shape among the primary shapes. I compared blue stars to people with Choleric personalties, because they are usually people who are domineering. By comparing blue stars to Choleric Personalities I am making the analogy that blue stars are also domineering, since they are the biggest, brightest stars in space with the most energy expenditure.

The wooden disc can spin in circular motion and swivels. I added a handle to the sculpture to lead the viewer to try their hand at spinning the wooden disc. Not only are Choleric personality types domineering, but they are also natural leaders and directors. I sand blasted the names of different blue stars onto steel around the wooden disc.

Choleric temperaments possess multiple strengths like they are dynamic and active, they are strong willed, decisive and they exude confidence.

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