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Glass Art

Title: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
Dimensions: 1488mm x 1144mm
Medium: Shower glass, mount board with acrylic paint & digitally printed clear film
Year: 2014

The images I selected are of a diagram of visual hallucinations drawn by the neurophysiologist Heinrich Kluver in 1926 which has been repeated sixteen times. Neurogeometry is aimed at understanding the basic brain functions and principals of synaptic connectivity in the cerebral cortex through the quantitive analysis of neuron morphology.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is a disorienting neurological condition that affects human perception. Sufferers may experience microscopia or macroscopia or size distortion, auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations and their space and time is distorted. It is caused by abnormal amounts of electrical activity causing abnormal blood flow in parts of the brain that process visual perception and texture. 

Alice in wonderland Syndrome involves a change in perception as opposed to a malfunction of the eyes themselves. Aura symptoms include the perception of flashing lights that begin in the centre of vision and expand in jagged patterns out into the periphery.

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