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About The Artist

Artist Photo

Artist Biography

Nicole Rowe was born in 1982 in Kwazulu Natal and grew up in Mpumalanga, South Africa. She enrolled for a Fine and Applied Arts course at Tshwane University of Technology in 2002 and obtained her Diploma in 2004 specialising in Sculpture III and Painting III. Returning to TUT she obtained her B-Tech Degree in 2008. During the completing of her B-Tech Degree she also obtained a Diploma qualification in Glass, which became her absolute love and passion.

Nicole Rowe's art career took off in 2007 when she was selected for Sasol New Signatures. She was selected as one of the Top 10 for ABSA L'Atelier 2014.

In 2015 she was sponsored by Telkom for the ITWeb Brainstorm Calendar Competition.  Her first Solo Exhibition was held in 2015 at Art Lovers 1932 consisting of a body of glass works titled ‘A beautiful mind'. 

In 2016 and 2018 she was selected among other glass artists for an exhibition of Contemporary South African Glass, titled 'Out of the Fire, into the light' and 'Back to the Future' at the Pretoria Arts Association.

She has attended glass workshops at Ngwenya Glass Factory in Swaziland in 2008, 2009 and 2017. These experiences have further reinforced her love for glass. Currently she is working as a Duty Manager at a guest house whilst pursuing her career as a glass artist.

Artist Statement

Nicole Rowe is a contemporary glass artist in South Africa.  She uses glass to magically transform and portray our perceptions.

Nicole first started musing about the concept of ‘transformation of perceptions’ while she was doing her B- Tech Degree in Fine Arts when she created an installation work titled 'Look through my eyes' comparing people to stars. With the notion in mind that stars are made of dust and gas, and people are also made of dust and God breathed life into us: an analogy was made by using the Russel Hertsprung diagram of the classification of Main Sequence Stars and then dividing it into the Stages of Life from infancy to middle and late adulthood. She also compared Choleric and Melancholic personality types to blue stars and red stars in the form of her glass sculptures. 

Nicole Rowe draws her inspiration from both star energy, which is light, as well as human energy, also emanating light. She has studied the Colour Coded Heat Maps of Emotions that show the warmth or energy expenditure of the human body in certain areas and she then altered these according to star energy.

In a body of work titled 'A beautiful mind' she celebrated the complexity and diversity of the human mind by portraying it not as right or wrong, healthy or damaged, but as beautiful in the uniqueness of each person. Her motivation was to diminish stigma which causes unnecessary segregation. 

Nicole’s technique of glass is unconventional. By making use of shower glass, textured glass, digitally printed and sandblasted glass, she distorts imagery with the combination of an array of mediums as an expression to convey the inner beauty of the mind, cosmos and light.

Artist CV


  • 2007 – 2008 Tshwane University of Technology, B-Tech Degree in Fine Arts
  • 2002 – 2004 Tshwane University of Technology, Diploma in Fine Arts


  • 2016 Entered Sasol New Signatures
  • 2015 Sponsored by Telkom for the ITWeb Brainstorm Calendar Competition
  • 2014 Top 10 Finalist for ABSA L'Atelier Competition
  • 2014 Entered Sasol New Signatures Art Competition
  • 2009 Entered Thami Mnyele Art Competition
  • 2009 Entered Sasol New Signatures Art Competition
  • 2007  Selected for Sasol New Signatures Art Competition
  • 2004 Entered PPC Cement Young Concrete Sculptor Awards Competition
  • 2003 Entered PPC Cement Young Concrete Sculptor Awards Competition


  • 2015 'A beautiful mind' at Art Lovers 1932

Group Exhibitions

  • 2018  'Synaesthesia' Exhibition at Artbox Gallery
  • 2018 'Individual Voices' exhibition at Artbox Gallery
  • 2018 'Back to the future' exhibition at The Pretoria Arts Association
  • 2016 'Out of the fire into the light' exhibition at The Pretoria Arts association
  • 2014 Exhibited large scale sculpture for The Cool Capital Biennale at Trent Gallery
  • 2012 'TUT Alumni' exhibition
  • 2009 B-Tech Degree exhibition at the National Cultural History Museum
  • 2008 Third Year Glass sculptures exhibited at the Pretoria Art Museum

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