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Sculpture-Bombing: Saadjies sculptures pop up in various cities
Posted on October 13, 2016.

Artwork by Jaco Sieberhagen. Photography by Pieter Mathews

When one thinks of public sculpture, one always visualizes monumental landmarks depicting important figures. But the Saadjies project, initiated by Mathews & Associates Architects, challenges this notion and features travelling 180mm³ miniature sculptures photographed in various urban locations all over the world.

As part of Pretoria's Cool Capital bi-annual guerrilla, various artists and photographers began "sculpture-bombing" these mini-sculptures in various cities including Pretoria, Amsterdam and Venice. An important aspect of "Saadjies" is the extensive social media campaign #saadjies #coolcapital2016 which forms part of Cool Capital's strategy to make art more accessible and take it beyond the traditional gallery space.

Over 80 artworks, from 75 artists, were submitted to the un-curated collection featuring established artists such as Angus Taylor, Guy du Toit, Gordon Froud and Jan van der Merwe taking part alongside up-and-coming artists, sculptors, students and enthusiasts.

The interaction between artwork, photographer and passerby as well as onlooker in the virtual and physical realm allows creativity and ideas to spread beyond the borders of the city. Moreover, the campaign allows viewers to view their own urban environment from a different perspective and to learn from the other cities to which the "Saadjies" have travelled.

Sponsorships from Mathews & Associates Architects, Strauss & Co. Fine Art Auctioneers and Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) made it possible to exhibit "Saadjies" as a travelling exhibition. The sculptures have been exhibited in Pretoria as well as at the NWU Gallery in Potchefstroom as part of Aardklop. The collection will travel to Richmond, with plans underway to take the collection to the Cape and beyond in 2017.

Artwork by Gordon Froud. Photography by Pieter Mathews

Left: Artwork by Francois Visser. Photography by Neil Human | Right: Artwork by Lwandiso Njara. Photography by Carla Crafford

Artwork by Rachel Ferriman. Photography by Pieter Mathews

Left: Artwork by Renier le Roux & Sunet Ferreira. Photography by Michelle LeGrange | Right: Artwork by Leanne Olivier. Photography by Chenette Swanepoel

Artwork by Angus Taylor. Photography by Elani Willemse

Members of the public are invited to participate and take the concept of "Saadjies" further by creating their own miniature artworks and posting photos of their work in their cities on Instagram using #saadjies #coolcapital2016.

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