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Numbers: A multi-disciplinary exhibition curated by Keneilwe Mokoena
Posted on July 19, 2018.

Artwork by Tsoku Maela

"The fundamental language of the universe."

Throughout history, humans have associated symbolism to numbers. Numbers have held great significance in anthropological, philosophical, aesthetic and speculative contexts —a logical quantification of abstract ideas and phenomena.

Scientists use numbers to study and explore the fabric of the universe; from the microscopic scales of nanoparticles to the macroscopic scales of planets, stars and distant galaxies. Our existence is governed by numbers; the numerical scales with which we measure space and time, how we assign economic value, how we measure self-worth and even how we count followers and likes. The 1s and 0s make possible the existence of this digital age.

This exhibition investigates our profound relationship with numbers. Artists were invited to offer their own interpretations of the concept from a myriad of perspectives.

Maaike Bakker Artwork Detail

The show initiates a dialogue of the phenomena behind numbers through an immersive installation alongside a range of collectible artworks. The concepts are presented in two parts;

  • A multi-disciplinary installation created through the collaborative effort of Keneilwe Mokoena and Naledi Chai. This is presented in the form of tape drawings, sound and video to create an immersive multi-sensory experience.
  • A group exhibition showcasing a diverse range of works from various artists.

    The exhibition will open on the 4th of August 2018 at Hazard Gallery in Maboneng precinct.

    Crowd-funding campaign

    Keneilwe Mokoena and Naledi Chai started a crowd funding campaign in order to raise funds for the exhibition and installation. They are raising money to cover the costs of materials for the installation, logistics and other costs of coordinating and producing an excellent exhibition.

    Find out more about the crowd funding project and how you can contribute, visit

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