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Mozvolunteers Arts Initiative Workshop in Drakensberg

Posted on February 16, 2015.

Mozvolunteers presents an arts initiative run from Rivercroft Cottage fibre farm in the beautiful and majestic Drakensberg mountains. Running from 6 - 20 July 2015, the arts initiative aims to empower local women to express themselves creatively, and equip them with skills that will assist them with income generating activities, either privately in a monitored craft business (monitored by Sizabantu), or through employment within the mohair initiative at Rivercroft Cottage.

The project is run in the form of a two-week workshop and includes options to work with women, children and people of all ages affected by cerebral palsy. Most local people have been affected by HIV, violence or other social issues. There are 10 places available for individuals who are either interested in art, studying art, are artists or who just wish to do something different. Each volunteer is paired with a local woman, and together within this partnership, work on two sketchbooks and a "creative block" installation to develop arts-based skills together, as a pair.

The 2015 workshop will be coordinated and led by Gill Robinson, a British Royal Academy artist. Gill has done a great deal of work with disempowered children and women, as well as art therapy in both Africa and the Middle East, and has developed ideas around sketchbook creation for empowerment.

This is a great, unique opportunity to both experience African Art, and to benefit from the skills gained in a workshop run by a professional artist. Volunteers will find that lifelong friendships are developed as they assist with the empowerment of local women.

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