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For the Love of Creativity: New art competition by Longstreet Art Lovers Gallery announces its winners

by Marilyn de Freitas posted on January 31, 2014.

The winners of the inaugural For the Love of Art Competition launched by Longstreet Art Lovers 1932 Gallery in Pretoria were announced on 24 April 2014. The prizes included a R15 000 first prize as adjudicated by the judging panel, a R15 000 first prize as adjudicated by the visitors to the gallery, R5 000 prize to the work with the most merit submitted by an under 25 years old and four R2 000 merit prizes. The winners each received a unique trophy designed by Loeritha Saayman.

Leanne Olivier
Spraakkruk, 2014
Oil on canvas (460 x 360 mm)

Leanne Olivier's work, Spraakkruk, was the judges’ winning work. The work forms part of a series of paintings in the making for Olivier’s Masters Degree in Visual Art. Her theme of Angst and Allure is inspired by the Existential philosophy of Nietzsche, Sarte and Heidegger plays an important role in the conceptualization of her art. Based on Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, 1952, where language is presented as a defective tool and incapable of conveying truth, meaning and significance, Spraakkruk is about introducing a prop – a crutch – which could somehow ‘support’ the mouth in communicating its ‘truth’. The crutch becomes a means of taking responsibility for the words that we speak and legitimacy of the ‘truth’ we profess and prescribe to others. Working with the theme: Angst and Allure, Olivier aims is to create a series of artworks which deal with my observation of certain meta-narratives reinforced by power structures. Using various props of universal and personal meaning, she likes to play with the idea of role reversal where the person becomes the prop, and vice versa. In doing so, her work questions the assumptions we may have about ‘truth’, identity and gender.

The judges' selection focused on contemporary works with application of technical skills in the chosen medium, works that are aesthetically pleasing and of a high quality and standard. Diane Victor, one of the judges, praised the high quality of works that was submitted. Olivier Mayhew received the R5 000 prize for the work with the most merit submitted by an under 25 years old for Genesis 1:29/4:8. Merit Awards went to Vicky Riley, Tanisha Bhana, Heidi Fourie and Mpho Makhubo.

Craig Muller
Proto Type, 2014
Oil based pitt (390 x 570mm)

The R15 000 visitor’s choice prize went to Craig Muller for his work, Proto Type. Over three hundred votes were cast by the public who were urged to vote for their favourite work until 23 April 2014. The work explores Islamic extremist ideology where the mannequin became a crash test muslim without a name. The extreme tactics of Islamic extremism such as bombing in which an attacker intends to kill others and/or cause great damage, knowing that he or she will either certainly or most likely die in the process aims to achieve perceived Islamic goals in an age-old war between Christianity and Islamism . The medium of oil based pitt allows for purer black in half-tone, the medium of expedient newsprint , excluding the bewildering splendour of colour in which he is humbled by his fellow artists.

The gallery announced that the competition will be held again next year and hopes to broaden the scope of finalists and prize money. The exhibition runs until 6 May 2014.

Photographs by Rupert de Beer

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