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Colourful dissections of water by SaySay.Love
Posted on February 22, 2018.

Artist and visual activist SaySay.Love's latest works draws attention to the current water crisis in the Western Cape and highlights water as a precious resource that connects every aspect of life and cannot be take for granted. 

"I was inspired by the water crisis in the Western Cape, and seeing a shift in people's mindsets when they realized that this precious resource - which not only sustains life but creates it - was depleting," says SaySay.

The images, captured primarily on his iPhone, feature abstract and colourful dissections of water creating mesmerising images that draw the viewer in. An impressive accomplishment despite his "optical handicap" which prevents him from seeing in 3D and his being mostly blind in his right eye, which makes it difficult for him to determine depth, distance and speed.

"I sought to capture water, in a more intimate way, focusing on water's signs of 'life', from the ripples that dance their way across it's translucent frame, to the globules of energy that bubble up to its surface. I wanted to capture the microscopic details, that had us transfixed on water as children, and reignite that sense of wonder and awe," states SaySay.

His latest exhibition, The Gift of Water: Chapter III opens at The Melrose Gallery in Johannesburg where all proceeds will be donated to Lalela, a non-profit organisation which provides educational arts for at-risk youth to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit. The exhibition runs from 22 February - 4 March 2018.

For more on Saysay, visit his website or follow him on Instagram.

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