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Going Beyond the Landscape - Q & A with Willie van Rensburg

Posted on March 12, 2015.

Willie van Rensburg
Beyond 100 | Oil on canvas (51 x 26cm)

The landscape is layered with complex iconographies that evokes curiosity and inspiration between the personal and the aesthetic. Willie van Rensburg's newest exhibition Beyond at The Studio Kalk Bay in Cape Town explores the Western Cape's mysterious landscape. The oil works are impressionistic in essence, yet bold in their use of vivid colours. asked him about how he conceptual and creative process.

ARTCOZA [A] Tell us more about what influences your style and work

WILLIE VAN RENSBURG [WR]: My Graphic Design background definitely has a influence on my work. I always see behind the realism.

[A]: Your new exhibition deals with the Cape landscape. Tell us about what influenced you to paint the landscape in such an abstract way

[WR]: The inspiration for the Beyond collection is the Cape's mysterious, fine leafed indigenous vegetation known as Fynbos. Sprawling from peak to sea across the Peninsula's majestic slopes, the fragrant, rhythmic pattern of this rampant maze evokes a sense of connection with nature and inspires a curiosity, a call to something Beyond.

[A]: The exhibition features various small canvases. Is there a reason why you chose to work on a smaller scale?

[WR]: There is no reason for working on a smaller scale, it just happened!

Willie van Rensburg
Beyond 79 | Oil on canvas (46 x 15cm)

[A]: You often work using layers of paints and colours. How do you reach the point where the work is complete?

[WR]: A blank white canvas is very intimidating to me, so I always cover with a palet knive. Then I layer and layer. I always see symbols and patterns until the painting is fully developed.

[A]: Your use of layers of oil paint creates interesting textures. How does this influence the way you work and the subject matter?

[WR]: Each work is unique, some focusing on the synthesizing pattern, others bringing an element of the pattern to the fore.

The exhibition runs from 12 - 25 March 2015 at The Studio Kalk Bay. View the works online:

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