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Artist View: Inside Artists Studios
A new weekly feature taking you inside our favourite artist's studio/workspace.

Rogerio de Andrade

Rogerio's artist studio is lined with paintings, brushes, paint tubes, and draft work where he creates his "invented" situations that are both mysterious and unorthodox.

The ideas for his paintings come from a variety of everyday sources and combination of influences, which he explores, and turns into the slightly irrational. In the end it's all about having fun and adding life and magic to the work, no matter what the work means.

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Brent Record

The studio is a converted, very large double garage, fitted with lots of plugs, lights, washtubs and hot water, etc. Dogs and a noisy cat usually all over the floor (not shown, a little camera shy).

The apparent chaos on the work tables are actually materials for the 100 collages I hope to complete this year – now somewhere near number 80.

The white box-like ghetto blaster on the shelf provides music-to-work-to all day – wake-up Baroque in the morning, Vivaldi, Monteverdi, later Hummel, then Jonas Gwangwa and the Black Mambazo, some world music in the afternoon, Tallis, Byrd, Rodrigo, Dino Saluzzi in the evening.

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Thelma van Rensburg

My studio: a view of my printing press, ink, workspace and source materials.

My daily process entails experimental monotype printing using ink and solvents to create effects similar to watercolour. My work is mainly focused on female bodies exploring unique ways to represent the female body for my PhD on the female corpse in popular culture. Also writing and researching my topic at my computer.

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