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John Mark Moore, was schooled at St. John's College - Houghton, Matriculated in 1990. Studied at Wits Technikon, completed one year in Graphic Design, but qualified as a Fine Artist in 1993. Completed a High Diploma - with Distinction - in Fine Art, ending with a solo exhibition in Prints.

Registered for a Masters Degree in 1997. Completed a teachers training course at Wits Technikon. Teaching posts that he has held include: Crawford College in Lonehill, Wits Technikon, St. Andrews School, St. John's College and Parktown College. Assisted Philippa Hobbs as a technical printer, from 1993 to 1996.

He has donated funds to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and has created specific works for charity fund raising, e.g., Red Nose Day where the work was used as advertising on signboards throughout the country he also did a commission for Life Line. He completed a work for Mandela's Children Fund, which was donated to charity.

His most recent donation was a colour woodblock for National AIDS day. He has had several exhibitions, both solo and combined with other artists, in South Africa and overseas.

His passion has always been Southern African wildlife, having grown up in Johannesburg and spending countless holidays in the bush. His interaction with the wildlife led to a growing desire to produce wildlife art depicting their interaction in nature.

He chose the printmaking medium because it enables one to produce editions and therefore is accessible to more people.

He is very nature conscious and often produces work that depicts the plight of endangered species. His intention is to represent wildlife from a conceptual point of view, where the viewer can gauge their own interpretation of the work and allow it to speak to them.