The Space Between 2015

Association of Arts Pretoria - 18 September to 7 October 2015

This is an exhibition of pastel paintings, pencil drawings and digital prints selected from work completed during 2014-15. Much of the work of this exhibition falls within the genre of Still Life. I have continued to work with ideas and images inspired by the natural and cultural landscape of southern Africa and from insights derived from local archaeological and historical narratives. Travel through northern India and Turkey has broadened my experience of the arid, austere and elementary: landscapes, domestic architectural structures and artefacts.

In recent years I have chosen to investigate a close interplay between inside and outside spaces. Imagery is derived from both the observed and the imagined. Aspects of landscape, architectural structures and domestic objects merge or are juxtaposed. A primary concern has been a pictorial play involving light, form, shadow and tensions relating to placement and the 'space between'. At the same time I have become increasingly interested in the symbolic and metaphoric possibilities of stone or boulder-like forms presented in particular, or seemingly random relationships with vessel forms, in groups, or in conjunction with architectural structures. I intend that a quality of stillness should permeate the work.

I have developed a particular affinity for the dry, powdery quality of pastel, fragile yet versatile, and for the range of tones and muted hues that are characteristic of the medium.