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An immersive multimedia exhibition, presented by ArtKaroo and curated by the enigmatic Wilhelm Vincent, is adapting to the winds of change and forges ahead this June. Initially intended to be an exclusive group exhibition (before the reality of lockdown descended on our lives), “Particular” will continue as planned - albeit with a couple of creative twists and maneuvers.
Featuring a preselected staple of ArtKaroo artists as well as acclaimed local and
international guests such as the widely celebrated Helena Hugo, “Particular” holds a space for viewers to look under the carpet - and then, to breathe in - to hear the sounds of clear blue light. The light we can only see when the sunlight trickles through the rocks and illuminates the path, untrodden - but ahead.
Most people, in this preoccupied and digital world are so focussed on all that is taking place around them that they tend to forget to look down. ArtKaroo and Vincent urge viewers to “look down” and experience the little things in life with a bit more clarity, respect and mindfulness. Viewers can expect explorations around these themes, as well as interpretations stemming from the concept of borders, self-isolation and panic / pandemic.
Perhaps the most alluring element in this already captivating 13-strong group exhibition is the exclusive showing of two Robert Mapplethorpe polaroids, taken while living with Patti Smith in the Chelsea Hotel during the 70’s. Mapplethorpe famously accelerated his creative endeavours in the face of his AIDS diagnosis and leaves a powerful legacy behind, being revered as one of the most important artists of the twentieth century.


Barbara Pastorino, Carol Nathan Levin, Caroline Karp, Charles Levin, Hein Botha, Helena Hugo, Inna Malostovker, Ivan Lupi, Janet Dixon, Rossetta Woolf, Steve Glicken, Tertius Strydom and Wilhelm Vincent

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