Trauma traces // The haunting of the never recovered pieces at Longstreet Art Lovers 1932 | Art Exhibition Listings
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Trauma traces // The haunting of the never recovered pieces

Griselda Pollock describes trauma as an event or events that are repressed thus forsaken.  Because of this veiled repression the event becomes traumatic and tormenting: 
“I do not know that they hurt, nor where they hurt because I have no memory of them, for they are out of my time and space.”
She states that: “trauma … is a perpetual present, resilient in its persistent and timeless inhabitation of a subject who does not and cannot know it. It happened but I do not know it - that it happened or what it was that happened, the eventless event unremembered. 
Yet this happening is not in the past, since it knows no release from its perpetual present because it is not yet known, was never known hence never forgotten, and thus not yet remembered.”

Participating: Thelma van Rensburg

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