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Cross & Crown

22 February 2020

This is Solomon's sixth solo exhibition and his second with AITY Gallery.  The work shown in this collection is a culmination of his past decade's worth of experiences, positive and negative, professional and personal.  Solomon endeavours to portray the past to keep the future relevant.  
Solomon has never shied away from depicting elements of pain, confusion,  disappointment and sometimes deep sadness in his works. The cross referred to in the title of the show a metaphor for  the heavy weight of social commentary in a world greatly motivated by aesthetics.  Every work is a challenge to Solomon, but his greatest strength is to see each one as preparing him for  the next.  The crown symbolises the great joy of overcoming all  that he wrestles with and the euphoric energy an artist receives when he is critiqued so positively as Solomon always is.
In “cross and crown” Solomon draws the viewer into the painting by creating a tapestry of colors, brush stokes and movement.  His memorising ability intended  to connect  the viewer with the emotions portrayed in the depicted and arouse similar emotions related to his or her own journey.   Solomon  describes  “I chose to  focusing on the face because the face is most ideal when we think about representing one’s story by reflecting the image of the soul. A face is not merely a face but a state of mind, an experience, a purpose.
I made my experiences and i felt my pain. I want to talk about that. I want to sensitize people to listen to their own pain because every painful situation in a persons life is a chance to grow and to overcome boarders. No pain, no gain ; no cross, no crown."

Participating: Solomon Omogboye


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