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Solid Waste

6 February 2020 - 14 March 2020

WHATIFTHEWORLD is pleased to present Cameron Platter’s latest body of work, Solid Waste; an involuntary intoxication protocol of hallucinogenic stimulants opening up a world of mass-consumption, violence, hyper-masculinisation, and exhilarated culture.
“What does our rubbish say about us?” This question is central to Platter’s practice, a memorial to the everyday objects of our time. The title of the show, directly referencing refuse removal services, characterises his work as both consumables (trash) and precious. Platter asserts that, in his language, there is no difference between high and low, trash and value. Everything, everyone has equal status.
Existing primarily as an installation, the show is a collection of new functional and non-functional or dysfunctional sculptures, drawings, tapestry, and ceramics. These are joined by a video and web piece made in collaboration with Ben Johnson.
Platter arranges a group of absurdist but functional art objects in the gallery’s main space, constructing it almost as a living room, airport lounge, rave, or chemotherapy suite. All of the objects in this space rotate around one totemic monument— the centrepiece of the show: a fountain modelled in the style of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. Florescent tubes erupt from a dustbin column buried in the centre of a plastic clamshell sandbox replicated by the artist from wood. Love Beauty Desire Sex Fertility Prosperity Victory Death is the central piece to which all others in this dystopian drumming circle relate. Made from a conglomeration of seemingly uncorrelated items, its value is established not by the items themselves, but by history and rituals of interacting with art: of art-making, showing, and looking, of taking part in the valuing of objects. The artist, the gallery, the viewer, and the buyer all hold shares in the meaning of the objects in this room, in Platter’s effaced temple.

Participating: Cameron Platter


Address: 16 Buiten Street, Cape Town City Centre
Cell: +27 76 422 2387
Viewing Hours: Tuesday - Friday 09:30 - 17:00. Saturday 09:30 - 14:00. Or by appointment.


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