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Study Song of Chokote

18 January 2020

In THE SONG OF THE CHICOTTE , Ngobeni used the chicotte (a French word used to describe a whip used by colonialists in the 19th century) as a metaphor for slavery in general – not just historical slavery but slavery of the mind, the spirit – in the country, our relationships, ourselves. We brutalise ourselves and each other, perpetuate the patterns that we have inherited: the sins of the fathers are, more often than not, still being visited on their children. Instead of these old patterns, Ngobeni urges us towards a new vision of the world – one not ruled by the hyenas of old, who wear different guises and inflict the same punishments.
Four years later, Ngobeni has revisited that powerful series and reproduced the artworks from that seminal show in the medium of print. The linocuts offer a graphic reinterpretation of Ngobeni’s large, bold, and complex collages on canvas – rendering the familiar images in softer tones of blues, purples and greys. The linocuts offer an intimate conversation with the artist, a quiet moment to reflect on his past statements, future ambitions and immediate realities.

Participating: Blessing Ngobeni


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Participating: Various artists

Opening: Saturday 15 August 2020 at 10:00 - 16:00

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