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Cape Of All Seasons

12 January 2020

The landscape and scenery in South Africa's Cape are like nothing else in the world. From sweeping vistas dotted with vineyards to stormy seas, driven wild by wind and rain, there is a scene, and a season to suit every taste. 
The Cape is also famous for its architecture. Each area is defined by its own style. The colourful row houses of the Bokaap, the cape dutch manors of the Winelands, even the improvised chaos of the townships all have their own unique place in The Capes history.
Roelof Rossouw saw these local microcosms as the perfect subject for his ongoing journey into impressionism. In the tradition of Terrence McCaw, Gregoire, Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet his brush strokes and knife marks have become more playful and expressive as his works progress.
This style helps him bring to life the ever-changing weather of the Cape. Never truly confined to one season it can cycle from sunny to torrential, from foggy to clear skies, from blistering heat to dress clutching gales in, all on one day. 
What better way is there to capture the wild whims of The Cape than following in her footsteps and embracing the loose and unpredictable. 

Participating: Roelof Rossouw


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